Sahayogi Vikas Bank Limited
Date : Sun February 25, 2018

Products and Services


Sahayogi Vikas Bank Limited is led by the vision to become a Significant Contributor to the Economic Development of the region.
In an endeavor to grow stronger, Sahayogi Vikas Bank Ltd. has devised various credit facilities that suit the banking requirements of its credit customers to assist in their businesses.

  1. Business Loans
    • Term Loan
    • Consortium Financing
    • Working Capital Loan
    • Demand/Short-Term Loan
    • Priority Sector/Deprived Sector Loan
    • Small and Medium Business Financing
  2. Contract Loan
    • Loan Against Fixed Deposit
    • Loan Against Govt. Bond/1st Class Bank Guarantee
  3. Consumer Loans 
    • Vehicle Loan
    • Foreign Employment Loan
    • Education Loan
    • Land Development & Housing Loan
    • Social Loan
    • Personal Loan


Sahayogi Vikas Bank Limited has various personalized products and services that harmonize with the different banking requirements of its customers. Designed with an array of features. Sahayogi Vikas Bank’s deposit base comprises of depositors ranging from General Public, Business Houses, NGOs and Institutional Depositors.

Sahayogi Vsikas Bank’s tailor-made deposit facilities rightly meet the customers’ needs in today’s fast-paced business world. It also enables easy access to modern banking, ensures attractive return to surplus funds, making personal banking convenient and efficient to best suit ones investment plan. Currently Sahayogi Vikas Bank offers the following deposit services to its customers:

  1. Saving Deposit
    • Special Saving
    • General Saving
    • Senior Citizen Saving
    • Housewife Saving
    • Student Saving
    • Employee Saving
    • Farmer Saving
    • Shareholder Saving
  2. Recurring Deposit
  3. Fixed Deposit Accounts, Fixed Interest rate basis
    • 3 months to 3 Years and above
  4. Current Account
  5. Double Deposit Scheme(Your deposit amount will be double)


  • Bid Bond (Tender Guarantee)
  • Performance Bond
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Financial Guarantee


Sahayogi Vikas Bank Limited is ready to process your cheques, drafts and credit proceeds into your accounts at the soonest possible, within country.

  • ClearingCheques payable within country drawn on other Commercial Banks, members of clearing house will be accepted for Clearing.Contact Customer Service Desk for cheques deposited or Cheques returned.
  • Bills CollectionsNational network arrangement with our correspondent Banks allows customers to facilitate collection of cheques, drafts, timely and efficiently.

5. Fund Transfer Services

Sahayogi Vikas Bank Ltd. Offers fund transfer services though IME Remit, Prabhu Money Transfer, Sewa Money Transfer, City Xpress Money Transfer and NABIL Remit besides this Customer can transfer any sum of fund to any branch of following Banks through Sahayogi Vikas Bank Ltd..

  1. Everest Bank Limited
  2. Nepal Investment Bank Limited
  3. Nabil Bank Limited
  4. Citizen Bank International Limited
  5. NIC Asia Bank Limited
  6. Himalayan Bank Limited
  7. Bank Of Kathmandu Limited
  8. Century  Bank Limited
  9. Mega Bank Limited
  10. NMB Bank Limited
  11. Reliable Finance Limited
  12. Sanima Bank Limited
  13. Kumari Bank Limited
  14. Machhapuchchhere Bank Limited
  15. Siddharth Bank Limited

6. ABBS (Any Branch Banking Services):

Sahayogi Vikas Bank Ltd. Provides withdraws and Deposit facilities from any Branch of this bank without any charge.

7. SMS Banking Service

Sahayogi Vikas Bank Limited (SVBL) provides SMS (Short Message Service) Banking (NTC & Ncell only) service from all the branches. In SMS Banking Service, you can get your Account Information easily by sending SMS codes to 32277 (in NTC) & 32277 (in Ncell). SVBL SMS Banking Service has the following features:

  • Secure Transaction with pin code
  • Instant Balance Information
  • Last five transactions with current balance
  • Fund Transfer facility up to maximum Rs. 5,000 /- within the bank
  • Cheque Book print request
  • Account Statement print request
  • PIN Code Changing Facility

SVBL also provides the extra services like cash withdrawls & cash deposits alert automatically.
To get the SMS Banking facility, please contact your nearest branch of SVBL.
Download SMS Banking Application form here.

8. Cheque Payment  through other Banks :

We have mutually arrangement for the payment of cheque from two other financial Institutions. So, Customer can present Sahayogi Vikas Bank’s cheque in any branch of following Financial Institution for cash.

1 Citizen Bank International Limited.

2. Reliable Development Bank Limited.

Similarly Customer also can deposit any sum of fund in their account maintained at Sahayogi Vikas Bank Limited.

(For Detailed information, Please visit us in our Bank for further help and assistance through our concerned staff/Personal Banker)

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February 25, 2018
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